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Navigation systems

Most of our vehicles do not come equipped with their own navigation systems. However, you can reserve our GPS Navigation unit at participating locations for a reasonable daily rate. Optional GPS units are displayed on Step 3 during your online reservation process.

Child Safety Seats

Car seats are available to rent at most U.S. locations for an additional fee. Learn how to include a car seat with your rental car reservation.

Ski Racks and Snow Tires

Avis offers ski racks and snow tires on selected vehicles in some U.S. locations. Please call ahead and check with the rental location after reserving online, or call 800-633-3469.

Refueling Options

  • Fuel Service Option
  • Self-Service *
  • EZFuelTM and Fuel Service Charge *


* Not available on but can be requested at rental counter


Fuel Service Option

Save yourself time and frustration by adding our Fuel Service Option to your next online reservation. By selecting the Fuel Service Option, you can purchase a tank of gas directly from Avis at the time of rental, and avoid the hassle of searching for a gas station to fill the tank before returning the car.

If the Fuel Service Option isn't exactly what you're looking for, choose one of the following refueling options at the time of rental:


Purchase fuel just prior to returning and return the car to Avis with a full tank of gas. If you choose this option, Avis will not charge you for fuel.

EZFuelTM and Fuel Service Charge

Driving under 75 miles? With our newest refueling service, customers who drive fewer than 75 miles pay a low flat fee for fuel and then return the car without stopping at the pump. Select this option and we'll automatically charge you a flat fee of $15.99, ($16.99 if you rent the vehicle in California). If you **FILL UP THE CAR*** AND present a receipt for your fuel purchase, the EZFuel charge will be removed when you return the car.

EZFuel option is not available at all locations. Please contact your renting location to confirm the availability of this service.

Fuel Service Option Terms & Conditions

  • Fees for the Fuel Service Option are not included in the Estimated Total of the rental.
  • Fees are assessed and applied at the time of rental.
  • Fees vary by location and are determined by current market value of gasoline in the surrounding area of rental location and the fuel tank size of rental vehicle.
  • Customer will receive no credit or refund for unused fuel left in tank at time of return.
  • Customers who drive less than 75 miles will automatically be charged a fee of $14.99. If customer chooses to refuel on their own, they must provide a receipt in order for fee to be modified.

Avis cares and sympathizes with you in your time of need. We will make every effort to promptly accommodate your requests. Please call 800-633-3469.