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Find the Perfect Luxury Car for Your Next Getaway

Enjoy an oasis of comfort and style on your next trip by booking a luxury car rental from Avis. Luxury rental cars take any trip or vacation from boring to unforgettable. Really let your hair down in a convertible rental, or indulge your desire to drive a muscle car. You’ll find we offer luxury vehicles in practically every size, so choose the right car for you from the selection described below. Avis Signature Series vehicles are available only at select Avis locations, so take advantage if you’re in an area with these elite vehicles. Click on a Signature vehicle to see a list of locations that may offer these vehicles. 

Book your luxury vehicle and get ready to put the key in the ignition and drive as you’ve never driven before.

Premium Elite SUVs

Rent a premium elite SUV, like the Yukon Denali or similar, to enjoy spacious 3rd-row seating, 4WD options, and plenty of cargo space. Click here for details.

Premium Crossovers

Luxury midsize crossovers are a perfect choice for traveling in comfort & style. Rent a premium crossover like the Jaguar F-Pace from Avis today & save!

Luxury Elite SUV

Travel in style when you rent a luxurious, 7-seat Cadillac Escalade. Reserve today to secure your Cadillac Escalade SUV rental for your upcoming trip.


Avis Signature Series cars will make sure you're

traveling in luxury, no matter where you are going


Premium Elite Crossovers

You’ll love the smooth & comfortable ride of a luxury crossover rental. Enjoy a Range Rover Velar or similar & seat up to 7. Book your luxury 3-row crossover today.

Chevrolet Corvette Coupe

Rent a Corvette from Avis and enjoy the car of your dreams on your next vacation. Click here for details about our Chevrolet Corvette fleet, or to book today!

Standard Elite Sports Cars

  • Sports Cars

    Get behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang Coupe or similar sports car and enjoy exhilarating acceleration power wherever the road takes you. 

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    Sports Cars

  • Convertible Cars

    Experience the freedom of the open road without a roof over your head in a Ford Mustang Convertible or similar model. 

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    Convertible Cars

  • Muscle Cars

    Turn heads as you drive by in a Dodge Charger or similar muscle car with a modern exterior and undeniable power beneath the hood. 

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    Muscle Cars

  • Suburban or Premium SUVs

    Forget about renting a minivan, seat seven or eight in a powerful Chevrolet Suburban or a similar premium SUV model.

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    Suburban or Premium SUVs

  • Full-Size Luxury Sedans

    Give everyone the legroom they crave on a long road trip in a Lincoln Continental rental or a similar full-size luxury sedan.

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    Full-Size Luxury Sedans

  • High-End Cars

    With a classy exterior and comfortable interior, you’ll enjoy any ride in a Chrysler 300 or similar luxury car.

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    High-End Cars


Vehicle make, model, trim, features and color are not guaranteed and are subject to location and availability. Vehicle features are subject to change based on the vehicle model year.


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Luxury cars are exclusive, elite, and exotic vehicles. And they are also in limited supply among our fleet. If you want to surprise your significant other or just treat yourself to an indulgent ride, reserve your car in advance. 

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