Rent a Car in Illinois

A car rental in Illinois is a great way to get out and explore this beautiful and diverse state. Illinois is known for snowy winters, windy days (especially in the Windy City), and absolutely stunning natural features, including waterfalls, lakes, beaches, and rock formations. 

If you like big cities, Chicago is a natural place to start. Take in this diverse city’s fascinating architecture with breathtaking skyrises right on the edge of Lake Michigan. You can pick up your car rental in IL here, then drive to places like Lincoln’s New Salem, Bloomington, and Rockfort. 

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Car Rental Illinois

Recommended Rental Cars in Illinois

Standard Car Rental

A standard car rental is a sturdy, reliable choice that will help you save money but still have plenty of adventures in Lincoln’s hometown. 

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Hybrid Car Rental

Illinois’ big cities like Springfield, Chicago, and Bloomington can be plagued by traffic. Make the smart choice with a hybrid to save gas when commuting.

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7-Passenger SUV Rental

When in Illinois, rent a car to take your family and friends on a road trip. With your SUV, you’ll enjoy plenty of trunk space for all your souvenirs.

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