Plan Your Next Trip With myWhere2TM Trip Planning.

Our tool allows you to save all addresses to your Garmin - in just seconds.
No worrying about maps, entering information, or wasting time.


Here are some of the benefits for using Garmin GPS trip planning!

Find addresses from virtually anywhere on the Web!

Start sending addresses for your next business trip from just about anywhere. Simply bookmark the street addresses of each of your stops, save them to a Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card and load the card into your GPS device.

Your Trip can be pre-planned!

That's it - the GPS unit will automatically recognize all your street addresses and display turn-by-turn driving directions. No more maps or pulling to the side of the road to enter information. Save time by pre-planning your trip in the comfort of your home or office.

To begin your trip planning, follow these easy steps and you are on your way.

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Troubleshooting/Customer Service
For any technical questions regarding the Garmin GPS unit, or for assistance with
the Communicator Plug-in, please contact:

Support Avis/Garmin: 1-888-294-3732
Online Customer Service:

For all other Avis questions or comments, please click here