Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I position the Avis links?
To make the most of your new relationship with Avis, position the links in extremely visible high-traffic areas such as your homepage. The easier the links are for your visitors to find, the more reservations they'll make, and the more commission you'll earn!

How do I monitor the sales and commission I've earned?
Through the Commission Junction Account Manager, you will be able to run reporting to track the reservations, sales, and commissions you have earned through the Avis Affiliate program.

How does Avis track my rentals?
Once approved via the online enrollment process, each Affiliate is assigned an individual Affiliate ID and given approved links that contain a unique identifier. Every time your customer follows one of those links to, your unique URL is detected and we credit you with sending the customer to us. To ensure proper tracking, its important that you don't make any modifications to these links.

When will I be paid?
Commission checks are mailed out from Commission Junction once a month. You must have a minimum account balance of $50 if using Direct Deposit and $100 if payment by check in order to receive payment.

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