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Manage Car Rental with Windows Mobile 7
Version 3.0

If you're an international traveler, renting a car with Avis just got easier with our new version.

No matter where you travel, it's a small world with Avis in your hip pocket. Go ahead. Create a new, real-time car reservation or view, modify or change an existing reservation...Avis makes the world available to you!

It's simple to book your vehicle with enhanced location search, detailed map views, and Avis location hours. And with more vehicle images and details, plus pricing options and car availability, you'll breeze through the reservation process!

All these helpful features are at your fingertips:

When you book an Avis car, the Avis App is available to Windows Phone devices running OS 7.0 and 7.5.


Avis Windows App 4.0: Experience a World of Difference.

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