Changes to Avis First Two-Day Weekend Rewards

  • When will my Avis First Weekend Rewards expire?
  • Why will Weekend Rewards expire in less than six months?
  • When will the last Weekend Rewards be issued?
  • Can my Weekend Rewards expiration date be extended?
  • If I have one, two or three qualifying rentals till my next Weekend Reward, will any credit carry over to the new program?
  • When will the new enhancements to the loyalty program launch?
  • What will I receive in place of my Weekend Rewards?

Avis First Name Change to Avis Preferred Plus

  • What is the new name for Avis First?
  • Will I receive a new membership ID card with the new program name?
  • Is there new rental criteria for Avis Preferred Plus? Member Website

  • When will the member website no longer be available?
  • Where can I view my rental activity within the new program?
  • Can I use my username and password to log into

Auto-Enrollment from Avis First to Avis Preferred Plus and Avis Preferred Points

Current President’s Club Members Earning Avis First Weekend Rewards

  • Will the Weekend Rewards benefit change?
  • Will reward benefits change with the new loyalty program?