Rent a Car at Allentown/Emmaus, PA

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Allentown/Emmaus, PA (Y4A)


126 State Ave,
Emmaus, PA, Pennsylvania, 18049, United States


(1) 610-791-1482

Location Type:


Horário de funcionamento:

Sun 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM; Mon - Fri 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM; Sat 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Horário de feriado:

LABOR DAY   Setembro  2  closed
THANKSGIVING DY   Novembro  28  closed
CHRISTMAS EVE   Dezembro  24  08:00AM - 12:00PM
CHRISTMAS DAY   Dezembro  25  closed
NEW YEARS EVE   Dezembro  31  08:00AM - 12:00PM

NEW YEAR   Janeiro  1  closed

Serviço de retirada gratuito disponível

Informações sobre a loja
Serviço Preferred
Prossiga para o balcão de locação da Avis. Mostre sua carteira de habilitação e identifique-se como Locatário Preferred para o agente de locação da Avis para receber seus documentos de locação impressos e as chaves.
Instruções gerais
BALCÃO: Localizada na State Avenue, perto dos cruzamentos da E North Street com a Flower Street. VEÍCULOS: No local. DEVOLUÇÃO: Igual à retirada. DEVOLUÇÕES ALÉM DO HORÁRIO: Indisponível. O veículo locado deve ser devolvido durante o horário de funcionamento da loja.

Termos e condições

Optional Coverages


Which products can lower my expenses if the rental vehicle gets damaged?
If you have Damage Waiver (CDW) and return the vehicle with any damage, missing keys, accessories, or documents, you will only have to pay up to the excess amount stated in your rental agreement. This means you will cover the cost of repair or replacement, or the excess amount (whichever is less), along with a damage processing fee of EUR 45.00.

Are there any products that can lower my expenses in case the rental car gets lost or stolen?
If you have opted for the Theft Protection waiver (TP), and the car is stolen, your payment will be capped at the excess amount mentioned on your rental agreement. This means you will only have to pay for the replacement cost, or the excess amount, whichever is lower. Additionally, an administration fee of EUR 45.00 will be charged.

How much is the excess?
The CDW and TP excess amount is stated on your rental agreement, and also in your booking confirmation email. You can reduce the excess even further by buying an excess reduction product. This also reduces the administration fee.

How do I get Damage and Theft Protection Waiver?
When renting a vehicle, you will typically receive Damage Waiver as a standard inclusion. You can find confirmation of this in your rental agreement and booking confirmation email. In the event that Damage Waiver is not included, the cost will depend on the type of vehicle and the duration of the rental. Typically, you can expect to pay between EUR 7.50 and EUR 14.00 per day. It is important to note that CDW does not provide coverage for damages caused by incorrect fuel, intentional or negligent actions, damage to the underneath/top, antenna, mirrors, tires, wheels, windscreen, oil sump, or interior of the vehicle.

Is there an excess reduction product available to reduce my excess further?
The Super Damage and Theft Protection waiver (SCDW) is a product that reduces your excess up to zero. The cost of the waiver depends on the vehicle you choose and the rental duration, but typically ranges from EUR 25 to EUR 60 per day. If there is an accident involving an Avis car and another vehicle, the driver must wait for the insurance company indicated by Avis to record the accident and photograph the vehicles. Additionally, the driver is required to fill out and submit an Avis Vehicle Incident Report on the same or next day. For more information or any questions, please contact our customer service team.

Will I need to pay if the windscreen is damaged?
If you notice a chip on your vehicle's windscreen, it is highly recommended that you contact the emergency call line at 00357 99634765 immediately. In the event of damage, a Vehicle Incident Report must be filled out and sent to us either on the same day or the next day for each incident. However, if you have Windscreen Protection, you will not have to pay any amount if your windscreen is damaged. Additionally, having windscreen protection will exempt you from paying any administration fees.

How do I get Windscreen Protection?
Windscreen Protection is available for purchase from the Avis counter station at the time of the pick up. If you’ve bought Windscreen Protection, it will be stated on your rental agreement. The price will be EUR 7.50 a day.

What happens if I damage or lose any optional extras, I rent from you or if they are stolen?
If any optional extras are damaged, lost or stolen, you have to pay for the cost of replacement, or their estimated repair costs in addition to the rental fee.

Are there any times when the excess would not apply?
Yes, the amount you pay will not be reduced if:
A. Damage was caused by - or as a result of:
Water or fire damage

  • Driving the vehicle without due care and attention
  • Driving on unpaved roads
  • Driving outside the Republic of Cyprus
  • Driving or using the vehicle in breach of your contract (for example not waiting up for the insurance company contracted with Avis in case of an accident and don't fill the accident report)

Note: Avis reserves in addition the right to not replace the damaged car.

B. the loss or theft was caused by - or as a result of:

  • Keys being left in the vehicle
  • Keys being lost or stolen
  • Using the vehicle in breach of the contract

What do I have to pay if I don’t have:
A. Damage Waiver?
If the vehicle, keys, any accessories or any vehicle documents are damaged during your rental, you’ll have to pay:

  • Either the cost of replacement or the estimated repair costs – whichever is cheaper
  • Plus our loss of use
  • Plus a damage processing fee

B. Theft Protection?
If the vehicle, keys, any accessories or any vehicle documents are lost or stolen during your rental, you’ll have to pay:

  • The cost of replacement
  • Plus our loss of use

Where can I find information of damage and theft charges I've paid?
If we find damage or a loss or theft has occurred, we’ll charge the amount you have to pay to your payment card. Unless you’ve asked us to send you a receipt by post or email, you’ll be able to find details of this payment by contacting our customer service team at

Damage to people and their property
If I cause an injury while driving, what will I be responsible for paying?
When you make a booking, the quoted price includes Third Party Liability (TPL) coverage. This coverage can pay for damages to another person's vehicle, compensation for injuries sustained by others, and accidental loss or damage to third-party property, including any of your passengers. You won't need to pay any costs for them, as long as it meets the minimum coverage required by law. However, TPL coverage doesn't extend to any harm or death experienced by the driver of the Avis vehicle or any personal items damaged in the car.

Are there any times when third party liability cover would not apply?
If the law requires us to provide you with third party liability cover, the minimum cover required by law (and is subject to General Terms of the Avis’s insurance contract with its Insurer) will still apply but we, or our insurer, may seek to recover our costs from you if the accident was caused by:

  • By you breaking the contract (for example allowing someone we had not approved drive the vehicle or driving whilst under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other unlawful substance),
  • By you breaking the law
  • As a result of your negligence or recklessness.

Protection packages

I want to buy more than one protection product, can I get a protection package?
Yes, we offer a variety of protection packages
For more details and options please ask the rental agent at car pick-up station.

Third party protection products

I purchased a protection product from a third-party provider. Can I use it?

If you decide to go with another provider, you will be responsible for paying our full costs. You can find more information about this in the What will you pay if I don't have... section of this document. Additionally, you will need to file a claim with the external provider to receive a refund. It's important to understand the terms of any coverage you purchase from a third-party provider and handle any claims on your own. While we can assist you with damage repair invoices and car condition reports, we cannot provide support for your claim.

If there is an accident, the driver must complete an incident report form, regardless of whether they are at fault or not.

The CDW (including VAT) can be purchased to reduce the renter's liability in case of accidental damage (excluding theft or attempted theft). Without CDW, if there is an accident the renter is responsible for the market value or replacement cost of the vehicle.
CDW costs:
7.50 Euros for groups A, B, H. We reduces to 1100.00 Euros.
12.50 Euros for groups C, D, F. We reduces to 1500.00 Euros.
12.50 Euros for group E, G, J, M, N, P. We reduces to 1800.00 Euros.
14.00 Euros for groups I, L, O, K. We reduces to 3000.00 Euros.

CDW does not cover damage to tyres, wheels, mirrors windscreen and oil sump. Windscreen/glass parts can be covered by purchasing windscreen insurance at 7.50 EUR / day (VAT included) tyres, wheels can be covered by purchasing tyres insurance at 5.00 EUR / day (VAT included).

Super CDW waives the renter's responsibilities in case of an accident:

EUR 25.00 per day for groups A-D, F, H, N.
EUR 60.00 per day for groups E, G, I, J, K, L, M, O, P. (VAT included) to reduce the renter's responsibility to the non-waivable amount of EUR 0.00 for groups A, B, C, D, F, H, N and EUR 520 for groups E, G, I, J, K, L, M, O, P.

This rental agreement does not cover damages caused intentionally or due to negligence. It also excludes damages resulting from the use of incorrect fuel and any breach of the rental agreement's terms and conditions. Additionally, damages caused by fire, natural disasters, or terrorist attacks are not covered. Any damage that occurs outside the Republic of Cyprus's territory or on unpaved roads is also not covered.

ROADSIDE SAFETY NET (RSN) provides FREE recovery for flat battery, keys locked in cars or key lost, assistance for running out of fuel (fuel costs apply) and assistance for flat tyre (additional tyre costs may apply if Excess reduction not taken). RSN can be purchased for EUR 5.00 per day (capped at 10 days) at checkout.



Credit Card Policies

Which payment cards I use for pre-authorisation (security deposit)?
We accept:


  • Visa credit cards
  • Mastercard credit cards
  • Avis-issued charge cards / full credit vouchers

Please be aware that debit cards cannot be used for car rental pre-authorisation.
As foreign exchange rates and banking charges fluctuate, we cannot take responsibility for any discrepancies between the amount paid and the amount refunded.
For further details, kindly consult with the Cyprus Reservations team.

What payment cards do you accept?
We accept:


  • Visa credit / debit cards including Visa Electron cards
  • Mastercard credit / debit cards
  • American Express (excluding American Express Traveller’s Cheque cards)
  • Avis-issued charge cards / vouchers
  • Prepaid cards in Euros
  • Cash payments in Euros

Please note that
as foreign exchange rates and banking charges fluctuate, we cannot take responsibility for any discrepancies between the amount paid and the amount refunded.


Can I receive a refund if I've prepaid?
If you prepay, we will not refund the prepaid amount if the total cost of car rental is less than the prepaid voucher, such as for unused days or if you return the car early.

If you return optional products early, you may lose the benefits of any special offers, which could lead to a higher overall charge for those products.

What happens if I'm late with payment?
If you fail to pay on time, we will charge interest calculated at 4% per year above the base lending rate of Bank of Cyprus.

For car groups I, K, L, O you will need two payment cards in the name of the main driver.
Please keep in mind that the payment card used for making the booking will be required to prevent fraudulent transactions. If you're unsure, please check your booking confirmation email or call the reservations team.

Debit Card Policies

Debit cards are not accepted.

Drivers License

Do I need to bring my driving licence with me when renting a car?
Yes, you must bring your valid driving licence with you. Please note only by showing presenting the physical driving licence the Avis staff will allow you to drive the Avis car in Cyprus. You cannot pick up the car with a digital driving licence. If your licence was issued in a non-Roman alphabet, an 
International Driving Permit will be required. Note that an International Driving Permit is not necessary for visits longer than 30 days in Cyprus. However, for a paper driving licence or a licence from Gibraltar, Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man, you may need a 1949 IDP for any length of visit.

Is there a minimum length of time I must have held my licence for?
Yes, you must have held your licence for at least one year to drive all Avis cars. If you are 23-24 years old, you can drive car categories A, B, H if your licence is valid for at least three years, if you are 25-29 years old, you can drive car categories C, D, E, F, G,M, N and P,  if
f you are 30 years and older, you can drive car categories I, J, K, L and O if your licence is valid for at least three years.

Can I drive if I have unspent convictions on my licence?
If you have any unspent driving convictions for careless, reckless, or dangerous driving, driving under the influence of drink or drugs, using an uninsured vehicle, theft or unauthorised taking of a vehicle, or if you have been disqualified, or have two or more unspent convictions for other offences, unfortunately, you will not be able to drive our vehicles.

Do I need to bring proof of identification?
Yes, you must bring the payment card used to make your booking and a photo ID featuring a recognisable photo taken within the last 10 years, such as a passport, driving licence, national identity card, or government-issued identification.

Will I need to provide a pre-authorisation or pay a security deposit?

Yes, the main driver must provide a pre-authorisation on your credit card before we release the vehicle to you. The amount is calculated based on the CDW/TP excess waiver and the rental price, including any optional extras. If you have selected our Pay Now option, the sum you have paid will be deducted from the pre-authorisation value.

How do I provide a pre-authorisation?
You'll need to provide a payment card in your own name with enough money available. Please note that due to fluctuating foreign exchange rates and possible banking charges, we cannot be held responsible for any difference between the amount paid and the amount refunded. For more information, see the "Payments Options" section in this document or ask a member of our team.

If you'd like more details, please call the Reservations team or ask a member of our team.

Public Liability and Property Damage

Public liability insurance is in accordance with the insurance laws of the country.  Customer may inquire at the time of rental for additional information of the benefits, conditions and acceptance.

Information not available at this time, please check at time of rental.

Note: Some credit cards provide insurance coverage, with certain limitations, as a benefit of using the card to rent vehicles.  The customer is advised to contact the card issuer before the rental.  Any waiver must be discussed directly with the location upon arrival.

Age Requirements

You can drive an Avis car if you are 23 years and older with a valid driving licence for at least 3 years old for the car groups A, B and H. Drivers aged 25 years old and older with a driving licence valid for at least 1 year can drive car groups: C, D, E, F, G, M, N, P. Drivers aged 30 years old and above, can drive car groups I, J, K, L, O provided that they hold a driving licence for at least three years.

If you are a young driver from 23 until 24 years, old you can drive the car categories A, B, H and will have to pay a young driver surcharge of EUR 10.00 per day, capped at 10 days (VAT included).

How do I know if there are minimum age restrictions on my rental?
You can find out if there are any age restrictions for your rental when you book or by checking your booking confirmation email or calling the reservations team.

Are there any maximum age restrictions?
There are no maximum age restrictions as long as you have a valid driver's license for at least one year.

I’m over 70 do I need to provide extra information or pay a senior driver surcharge?
If you or any of your drivers are over 70, please let us know before picking up the vehicle. In some locations, we may need to seek approval from our insurer before renting to you. Without approval from our insurer, the reduced CDW waiver option may not be available.

Fuel Policy

Do I need to return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel?
Yes, it is required that you return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel it had when you picked it up, which is usually a full tank. At the end of the rental period, you should refuel the vehicle at the closest gas station and keep the receipt as proof. Failure to return the vehicle with a full tank and without a fuel receipt may result in additional charges.

Fuel Options

I am looking to travel a distance of over 120 kms and would like to ensure a hassle-free journey. Is there a fuel option available for me?

Yes, we offer a Fuel Up Front option. You can pay for a full tank of fuel based on the manufacturer's stated fuel tank capacity for your vehicle, along with our refuelling costs. You can then return the vehicle with whatever fuel is left in the tank, even if it's almost empty, as long as the engine is still running.

Can you guide me on determining the fuel tank cost?
During the rental period, Fuel Up Front will be charged based on the average fuel price in Cyprus, which is mentioned in the EU fuel index: Just to clarify, any unused fuel will not be refunded.

Is it possible to use Fuel Up Front service anytime?
Unfortunately, no. In order to utilize Fuel Up Front service, you must request it during the vehicle pickup process.

If your travel distance is less than 120 kilometers, it is still recommended to fill up the tank near the return location and provide a copy of the receipt to avoid any inconvenience. Even if the fuel gauge shows "full", it might not be accurate. In case you are unable to fill up the tank or show a receipt, EZ Fuel cover can be applied to cover the refueling costs.

What is the cost of EZ Fuel?
The price varies based on your rental location, but you can expect to pay a flat rate between EUR 15.00 and EUR 20.00.

What are my options if I don’t return the vehicle full and haven’t bought Fuel up Front?
Pay on Return will apply if you have driven more than 75 km and:

  • Don't buy Fuel Up Front
  • Don't return the vehicle with a full tank

How do I calculate the cost of Pay on Return?
When you rent a vehicle from us, the amount you pay for fuel is determined by the fuel gauge that was installed by the factory. We round down to the nearest eighth (1/8) of a tank, based on the fuel tank capacity stated by the manufacturer. At the end of your rental period, we charge you for any fuel that is missing, as well as a EUR 20 refuelling fee. This fee covers the cost of us driving to the closest petrol station on short notice and potentially delaying the next customer's rental.

One Way Rentals

Is it possible to pick up a rental vehicle from one location and return it to another?

Yes, some rental locations offer the option to collect the vehicle and any additional extras from one location and return them to another within the Republic of Cyprus. The cost, if applicable, will be included in the rate quoted at the time of booking. Please note that an extra fee may apply if you decide to change any of the stations mentioned in the booking.

What is the cost of the One-Way fee?

The price for the One-Way fee varies depending on the rental location. If you are interested in picking up a vehicle and dropping it off at a different location within the same country, you can expect to pay between EUR 20.00 and EUR 70.00.

How can I request a One-Way rental?

You can request a One-Way rental when you book your rental or ask for it when you arrive at the rental location. If you requested a One-Way rental when you booked, the fee will already be included in your rental price.

If I did not request a One-Way rental but decide to return the vehicle to a different location, how much will it cost?
If you did not request a One-Way rental but decide to return the vehicle to a different location, you will be charged a One-Way fee based on the "pay at location" prices available on the day of your return. Please note that the price will depend on the rental location.

Rental Options

The prices for additional services that you select during booking will usually remain the same when you pay. However, circumstances beyond our control, such as exchange rates, may cause changes in prices.
Please note that the following items are available upon request during pick-up.

Avis Travel Partner
Unfortunately, we do not offer the Avis Travel Partner at this time.

Customers with disabilities
If you have a disability and are looking for adapted vehicles or hand controls, we regret to inform you that we do not currently offer these services. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Popular optional extras to rent
I have small children, do you offer child seats?
Yes, we offer Baby, Child and Child booster seats. A Baby seat is typically suitable for a child from birth, weighing no more than 13 kilos. A Child seat is typically suitable for a child weighing between 9 and 18 kilos. A Booster seat is typically suitable for a child weighing between 18 and 45 kilos.

Please be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure that the child car seat is properly installed before driving. In Cyprus, children are required to use a child car seat until they reach a height of 135cm.

How much are your child seats?
The fee for renting a Baby seat is EUR 7.50 per day. (Vat Included)
The fee for renting a Child seat is EUR 10.00 per day. (Vat Included)
The fee for renting a Child Booster seat is EUR 5.00 per day. (Vat Included)

In the event that the seat is damaged, lost or stolen, the cost of a replacement will be at market value.

I'm not familiar with the area; can I rent a GPS (satellite navigation system)?
Yes, the fee for renting a GPS is EUR 12.00 per day. (Vat included)

If the GPS is damaged, lost or stolen, you'll have to pay for a replacement, at the market cost.

Do you offer an audio tour guide service on your GPS?
No, unfortunately we do not offer an audio tour guide service at this time.

I want to be able to access the internet anywhere I go, do you offer a solution?
Yes, we offer Mobile Wi-Fi devices.

Please note: In many countries, including Cyprus, it is illegal to drive while using a handheld mobile phone, tablet or other communications device. It is your responsibility to drive safely and according to the laws of the country you’re driving in.

How much does Mobile Wi-Fi cost?
The fee for hiring mobile Wi-Fi will be EUR 9.00 a day. (Vat Included)

If the mobile Wi-Fi device is damaged, lost or stolen, you'll have to pay for a replacement, at the market cost.

Winter equipment to rent
I'm concerned about the road conditions, do you offer all-weather tyres?

No, unfortunately we do not offer all weather tyres at this time.

I'm going skiing, do you offer snow chains?
Yes, we do offer snow chains, on request. The fee for hiring snow chains will be EUR 5.00 per day. (Vat Included)

I'm have brought my own skis with me, do you rent ski racks?
No, unfortunately we do not offer ski racks at this time.

I've left my hands-free kit behind, do you rent them?
No, unfortunately we do not offer hands-free kits at this time.

I'm moving items, do you rent blankets?
No, unfortunately we do not offer blankets at this time.

I'm moving items, do you rent trolleys?

No, unfortunately we do not offer trolleys at this time.

Optional extras available to buy

I've left my USB charger behind, do you sell them?
No, unfortunately we do not sell USB chargers at this time.

I've left my mobile charger behind, do you sell them?

No, unfortunately we do not sell mobile chargers at this time.

I want to charge my device in the car, do you sell car chargers?
No, unfortunately we do not sell car chargers at this time.

I've left my iPhone 5 cable behind, do you sell them?
No, unfortunately we do not sell iPhone 5 cables at this time.

Travel Into Other Countries

Can I take the vehicle to other countries?
Unfortunately, drivers are not allowed to take the vehicle outside of the Republic of Cyprus under any circumstances. The vehicle's protection and road assistance cover are also limited within the Republic of Cyprus and the Army bases of Dhekelia, Akrotiri, and the UN Buffer Zone.

It is important to note that it is strictly prohibited to drive an Avis car across the Green Zone and into the Northern area, which is occupied by Turkish military forces. If you require further information, please contact the Cyprus Reservations team.

Avis cars are insured for use within the territory governed by the Republic of Cyprus. However, if you plan to cross into the Turkish occupied area, please contact Avis Cyprus in advance to ensure you are properly informed about the potential consequences and risks.