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As a global rental car leader, Avis offers shared FAQ content for four different countries: U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

If you don't find the answer to your question on one of these sites, please search one of the others.

For the latest non-smoking policy, click here.

We made it even easier to get a copy of your rental receipt. You now have two ways in which you can obtain this information. You can select Get e-Receipt or Request Past Rentals from the top of the navigation on the homepage or you can login to your My Avis Account.

From the Get e-Receipt landing page, follow these steps:

First, select the country in which your reservation was made.

Second, enter one of two numbers that are associated with your rental (either Reservation Confirmation number or Rental Agreement number).

- Your Reservation Confirmation number is provided to you when your reservation is made. The confirmation number is an 8-digit code followed by two letters and one more number totaling 11 alpha/numeric characters (example: 12345678US1). Your reservation information was sent to your e-mail address which was identified while your reservation was created.

- Your Rental Agreement number is on the documents provided to you when you pick up your rental car. This is a nine digit number, excluding any letters or symbols (example: 123456789).

Third, fill in all the necessary information and then select the "Get Receipt" button to continue.


You can view your rental receipts after logging in to My Avis. Click the Get Receipt link located under the Past Rentals section. We will keep copies online for up to six months from date of vehicle return. If you need to access older receipts, please call 1-800-352-7900 for assistance.

Please allow up to 7 days from date of vehicle return for a copy of the rental receipt to be available.

Please contact the renting location and then mail the keys to the location where you dropped off your rental car. For location details, select "Find a Location" under the Locations tab at the top of the page.

Avis provides 24-hour-a-day roadside assistance. The number for the Avis Emergency Roadside Assistance Department in the U.S. is 800-354-2847.

If you left a personal item behind, visit our Lost and Found page to report your lost item.

The US/Global version of is available in three languages: English, Spanish and French. To change your current language selection, just go to the Country/Language link at the top of the page, choose your language preference from the dropdown, and click Go.

For phone reservations, please call:
- French 1-800-321-3652 
- Spanish 1-800-874-3556

Our intent is to email promotional offers and other helpful communications only to those who request and welcome them. To opt-out of an Avis email campaign, please reply to a promotional or marketing email that you received with the word "unsubscribe" in the subject line. Or you can email us directly at

You may update your email address through various channels:

If you wish to subscribe to email offers, you may do so through various channels:

Please drive safely and observe all ordinances, rental customers are responsible for payment of any tolls, parking, and moving traffic violations along with a reasonable administrative fee. Payments for these violations may be processed by an Avis designated agent.

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