Avis Car Rental Affiliate Program | Avis Rent a Car

Earn extra revenue by promoting the Avis Brands

Working with Avis and promoting one of the most globally recognized travel brands, you have the opportunity to maximize your website’s earnings. We offer leading commission rates of up to 4% with regular incentives to boost your earnings on certain cars, locations or driving dates.

Advertise on your web properties

You will get access to a wide range of regularly updated creative, links, and brand information to help you successfully promote Avis on your website. We currently provide banners in the most popular sizes, including; MPU, vertical skyscrapers and horizontal leaderboards.

We run regular promotions to provide discounts for customers and boost demand and conversion; alongside key promotions we also offer bonus commission and will consider site tenancies to help support key initiatives.

Up-to-date tracking through the Partnerize platform ensures that all sales your website drive to Avis.com are reliably tracked. You can see up-to-date information about how much you have earned with Avis on our affiliate dashboard.

How to join

If you’re already a publisher on the Partnerize (formerly known as Performance Horizon) network then you should contact the email below to be guested to the Avis Network.

Once invited you just need to log in, navigate to ‘Admin > Campaign’, look for ‘Avis US’ and press ‘Join’. You’ll be approved and get access to all the new information, offers and creative.

If you need to sign up to the Partnerize network, click here to join.

Once you have successfully signed up, you will receive an automated email confirming your credentials and a link to log into the platform. Within the console navigate to ‘Admin > Campaign’ and search for Avis select the campaign you wish to join and hit ‘Join’ & accept the T&Cs.

Contact Us

If you’d like to discuss the affiliate strategy for Avis, how you can get more involved in the Avis Affiliate program, any opportunities that Avis may be interested in, or if you have any questions about the Partnerize platform, signing up or getting setup please contact the Avis team at ABGAffiliateProgram@avisbudget.com


Avis Affiliates Program FAQs

The Avis Affiliate Program is a fast and easy way to generate extra revenue from your existing Web site. Earn commission on all completed rentals referred from your site by promoting Avis through the approved links and banners that we assign you.

It is simple. Once you advertise the approved Avis link on your site, you will be paid a commission percentage each time a customer clicks on the link, reserves a car, and pays for their rental. 

Avis invites aesthetically pleasing sites that are interested in promoting our brand. A full list of requirements and rules are shown in our program terms which can be reviewed before joining.

Avis pays all new car rental affiliates 4% commission (based on rental-car time and mileage) for each completed car rental reservation referred from your affiliate link. Higher commission rates are negotiable for high performers. As the number of referred and completed car rentals from your site to our site increases, so can your commission.

No. The Avis Affiliate Program is absolutely free, so there is no reason not to join today!

Yes, you may have multiple sites under one affiliate account as long as each live and fully functional site has a separate URL. Once you are in the program, Partnerize will provide you with full setup and technical support. Presently, we accept only sites owned and operated by companies or individuals located within the U.S. or Canada.

You are responsible for promoting avis.com and our offers to your customers. On your site, you may set up as many links to avis.com as you like. You also are welcome to promote avis.com to your opt-in-email list. However, you may not purchase the word "Avis" (or other Avis-related search terms that incorporate the Avis name) from search engines. You must also disclose on your website that you are an affiliate and that you are provided money for sales.

Working with the Partnerize network, Avis will provide customer support and will process all reservations and car rentals that your site generates, and will pay affiliate commissions.