Avis Preferred Select & Go®

Avis Preferred Select & Go

Avis Preferred Select & Go® gives you the freedom to select the vehicle that's perfect for you and your trip at 50 airport locations in the United States and Canada.

When you enroll in Avis Preferred, we'll pre-assign a vehicle based on your travel preferences. Then you'll have three options allowing you to choose whether you keep your pre-assigned car or select a new one when you reserve an intermediate vehicle or larger.

  1. KEEP: Check your email or the Preferred board for your pre-assigned vehicle. If you're happy with the selection, drive to the Exit Booth.
  2. EXCHANGE: If the pre-assigned vehicle isn't exactly what you're looking for, select a different vehicle that better fits your needs from our Select & Go Exchange area -- no extra charge.
  3. UPGRADE: Choose from our Select & Go Upgrade area -- including specialty cars, SUVs and more -- for an additional daily charge* displayed in the vehicle's windshield.


Faster Service
To make taking advantage of Select & Go fast and easy, your Rental Agreement will no longer be in your vehicle. Simply drive your selected vehicle to the Exit Booth and an Avis representative will get you on your way.

More Options for Avis First™ Members
Select & Go Photos For members enrolled in the Avis First program, you will still receive free upgrades when available, and now with Select & Go, you'll have more options to select the vehicle that best fits you.

Avis Preferred Select & Go Locations

United States




More Locations Coming Soon

Notifications by email will now be available for members with a valid email address on profile.

* Please visit avis.com/terms for full terms and conditions.


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