Rental Car Tolls & E-Toll Services | Avis Rent a Car
Avis is pleased to provide cashless toll processing as a convenience to you.  Select your pick up state for specific details.


Avis e-Toll is offered in the Northeast (from Maine to North Carolina), California, Chicago Area, Colorado, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington and Puerto Rico.

Cashless Tolls - Canada

Please be aware of roads that may be "cashless tolls" and drivers on these roads are not able to pay cash once they have entered these roads. You automatically opt into our e-Toll service program and will be charged $17.00 plus GST/HST per rental, plus incurred kilometer charges and video tolls at the maximum prevailing rates posted by the toll authority. The charges may take 4-8 weeks after the rental to be billed to your billing account or credit card/debit card on file.


Northeast (Maine to North Carolina and Chicago Areas):