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Avis Car Rental App

The Avis App is so much more than a car reservation app!

Looking to choose your own vehicle upon arrival? How about skipping the counter at pickup?* Do all of this and more right from your phone using the Avis Car Rental App and free Avis Preferred membership! Renting a car has never been easier.

Make, update and cancel reservations and rentals.

Take control of your rental with the Avis car rental app. Choose your car, confirm, cancel or extend your rental. Easily manage and view details about your rental.

Choose your car at pickup.

You can exchange or upgrade your car before arriving at the rental location.


Avis Preferred Members renting at select airport locations can check in ahead of time through the app. Once your flight lands you can choose your vehicle and head straight to the parking lot and exit the airport lot with a custom QR code sent straight to your phone. No counters. No lines. No waiting.

Change your plans, find gas stations and more.

The Avis app is so much more than just a car rental app. You can find gas stations, lock and unlock your vehicle, quickly return your vehicle, and enjoy more real-time rental features with a free Avis Preferred Membership.

View and share your rental receipts.

Get and share your receipt with anyone you wish, whether it’s your accountant, friend, co-worker, spouse, or the Human resource department.

Manage your profile and preferences.

Manage your Avis Preferred Profile in addition to preferences including your vehicle, location, add-ons, protection and coverages.

Find parking on the spot!

Search for open parking spaces near your destination, compare options, and reserve a spot with a few taps. The charge will be applied directly to your credit card on file.

The Avis Car Rental App

Take control of your vehicle rental with the streamlined Avis app. Download now for a quick experience every time you rent a car from Avis.

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