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Planning to get a Victoria rental car for your stay? You can view the latest car rental deals at our Special Rental Deals section. There you’ll find deals for daily, weekly, or weekend rentals. As you plan your trip, be sure to book early to be sure your car will be available when you arrive.

Selecting the right rental

Families or larger groups can chose from mini-vans or one of our other high capacity vehicles that can seat up to seven and carry lots of gear! If you are traveling with smaller children you can add a car seat or booster seat when you use the reservation form. For business travelers Avis’ rental fleet includes small to full-size cars, as well as convertibles, SUV and other fun cars in our Street Fleet.

Getting around Victoria in a Rental Car

First time drivers in Victoria should add a GPS to save gas and make getting to their destination a snap. offers great service and smart rental extras to help make your trip worry and hassle free! So get ready to rent like a genius with Avis!