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Sheraton Convention Center
200 Convention Center Blvd, San Juan, Details
San Juan/ Condado
1052 Ashford Ave., San Juan, Details
Carolina - Intercontinental Hotel
5961 Isla Verde Ave, Carolina, Details
Sears Santa Rosa Mall
1915 Aguas Buenas Ave, Bayamon, Details
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Before you fly into San Juan's Luis Munoz Marin International Airport, you’ll want to reserve a rental car from Avis so you can head downtown soon after landing. As soon as you enter the city limits in your rental car, you’ll know why Spanish explorers once named it Rich Port City, or Cuidad de Puerto Rico. Over 200 years after its founding, the names of the capital and island were switched, but the rich Spanish heritage remains. Old San Juan, in particular, was labeled a UNESCO world heritage site for its colonial era forts and city walls. Historic museums and cafes that line the city provide a change of pace from the other main attraction, Condado Beach. So the next time you are in San Juan, be sure to enjoy the ride with a car rental from Avis.