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Hotel Pueblo Bonito Rose
Playa el Medano, Cabo San Lucas, Details
Pueblo Bonito Pacifica
Predio Paraiso Escondido S/N, Los Cabos, Details
Pueblo Bonito Sunset
Predio Paraiso Escondido S/N, Cabo San Lucas, Details
Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay
Avenida Ernesto Coppell Campana, Mazatlan, Details
Dreams Hotel
Carr Barra De Navidad, Puerto Vallarta JAL, Details
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Located in northwest Mexico on the southern part of the Baja California Peninsula, this is a region where the desert meets the sea, allowing you to take in breathtaking scenery. Take you car rental and discover breath taking beaches and locations.

In Baja California Sur, you can visit the El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve, known for its abundant plant and animal life and declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Los Cabos, a destination known for its top-notch tourism development, first-rate hotels, excellent golf courses and spas, and fine restaurants where you can indulge in the finest in regional, national and international cuisine. Get close to a gray whale in Cabo San Lucas, this is a life time experience.