Welcome UTC Travelers!

As the exclusive car rental provider to United Technologies, Avis is pleased to offer special rates and outstanding personalized, time-saving services for all of your travels!

Business Reservations should be made through UTC's online travel reservation system, or your designated travel agency. Use your Avis Preferred Wizard number in your travel profile each time you make a reservation to get the UTC contracted rates and benefits.

Leisure Reservations can be made on avis.com. See Employee Benefits for more information.

AWD # B920590 will automatically populate when Leisure reservations are booked through this link.

Please choose a topic below to learn more about the UTC Corporate Travel Policy with Avis Car Rental.

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Preferred Enrollment
Avis App – The Next Generation Rental Experience
Avis Traveler Enhanced Loyalty Program & Preferred Points
Accident / Incident Reporting & Claims
Customer Service
Employee Benefits
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Renter Coverages by Country
Requirements for Renting
Avis Driver Safety Training
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Preferred Enrollment
Skip the lines and paperwork and go straight to your car. Enroll in Avis Preferred Service and your car and rental document will be waiting for you when you arrive. Enroll today.

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Avis App - The Next Generation Rental Experience
Skip the lines and paperwork and go straight to your car. Enroll in Avis Preferred Service and your car and rental document will be waiting for you when you arrive. Enroll today.

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Avis Traveler Enhanced Loyalty Program & Preferred Points

Avis Preferred continues to serve as Avis Car Rental’s express rental membership service, which enables travelers to store certain preferences and information with Avis that streamlines the car rental process. Membership in Avis Preferred is free, and benefits include the ability to bypass the rental counter at many locations and go straight to your car.

Members of Avis Preferred now have the option to opt-in and earn Avis Preferred Points, a new way in which members earn flexible rewards. Avis Preferred Points are earned for every dollar spent on base rentals, and on optional products and services, such as coverages, fuel service options, GPS devices, Extended Roadside Assistance or satellite radio. Points are not earned from taxes or fees.

Already have an Avis Wizard number?  Click here to “opt in”.

Avis Preferred Points can be redeemed for complimentary rental days, vehicle upgrades, and select optional products and services, with no blackout dates. Avis Preferred Points are earned on qualifying rentals at any participating Avis location worldwide.


Avis Preferred members who complete 12 rentals or spend $5,000 (USD) on base rentals plus optional products within a calendar year, will automatically earn Avis Preferred Plus status. Members who achieve Avis Preferred Plus status can receive a complimentary single car class upgrade upon availability in addition to other special benefits. Members who are also opted into Avis Preferred Points can earn 25% more points on qualifying rentals and optional product spend.

Within Avis Preferred Plus, members who complete 25 rentals or spend $7,000 (USD) in a calendar year and who are also opted into Avis Preferred Points can earn 50% more points on qualifying rentals and optional product spend.

Welcome Bonus:  You will receive a 100 point bonus when you opt-in for points and complete 1 rental within 3 months!  Not Preferred? Click here to enroll and be sure to opt-in to Preferred Points.

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Accident / Incident Reporting & Claims

All accident/incidents need to be reported to Avis, including damages that may have occurred with no involvement of an accident.

  • Coverages apply to the UTC Renter, Spouse & Contractor working on UTC business.
  • Coverages do not apply for family members or retirees.

United States:

Avis covers the Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) in the United States for both business and personal use.
If you are involved in an accident while renting an Avis vehicle, or the vehicle is stolen, you must do the following:

Complete the accident report and provide the report to the Avis rental location. There is a blank accident report in the car (normally located in the glove box or on the back of your rental agreement) you must complete in its entirety.  Accident reports are also available on line at:  http://www.avis.com/car-rental/docs/global/en/accident_en.pdf

  • Please be sure to identify yourself as an employee of UTC (or a UTC company).
  • Report the accident to your manager.

If you receive a billing in the mail for damages, please notify the UTC travel office (utctravel@utc.com) immediately and they will work directly with Avis on your behalf.
In the event your vehicle is stolen, immediately:

  • Notify the police, and file a police report.
  • Contact Avis to notify them your vehicle was stolen. You must notify the location from which you picked up the vehicle. Contact information for the location can be found on your Rental Agreement or you can visit http://www.avis.com.

3rd Party damages/Liability claim

If you have an accident that involves injury or property damage to a third party, please report the particulars to the Avis return rental location as soon as possible and notify Avis’ Insurance office to establish a 3rd party claim (only if the renter is at fault).
For 3rd party damages in the U.S., customers must contact Avis Liability Department to establish a claim (toll free: 866-446-8376). Or via email at abgfnol@sedgwickcms.com. Once an insurance examiner is assigned to the claim, they will work directly with the 3rd party for resolution.

It is your responsibility to report the accident to the local authorities, when appropriate, and complete the Avis Accident Report form, which is available in your car's glove box on the Avis Preferred Document jacket or by clicking here.

Outside of the United States:

If you are

  • In an area that does not offer full insurance coverage (see "Coverage by Country" section of the website).
  • Renting in an area not serviced/covered by Avis.

You must file a claim with UTC's Corporate Credit Card. – UTC requirements are not to purchase any additional insurance options.

You will need to report the damage immediately, regardless whether your liability has been established. The Benefit Administrator will answer any questions you or the auto rental company may have, and will then send you a claim form.  

All incidents must be reported within forty-five (45) days for the Corporate Credit Card to cover the claim.

For additional Information on Accident procedures please click here.

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Customer Service

Avis has dedicated representatives who are trained to provide the excellent service you expect and deserve.

Avis customer service can be reached toll free at 1-800-352-7900.

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Employee Benefits

Choose Avis for your vacation and personal travel needs.

For Employees: Click Here to get the latest coupons and offers.

For Family Members: Traveler must present a letter at the rental counter. Click Here for instructions..

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General FAQs
Click Here to view the General FAQs for UTC.

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Renter Coverages by Country
Click Here to view the Renter Coverages by Country for UTC.

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Requirements for Renting

What is the UTC/Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) Number?

There are several UTC Corporate Discount Numbers.  This number should coordinate with your appropriate UTC Business Unit and be connected your your Avis Preferred profile.

Carrier Corporation B920501
UTAS B920502
Otis Elevator Co B920504
Pratt & Whitney US B920505
UTC Research B920506
United Technologies Corp B920508
UTC Contractors B920510
UTC Fire & Security B920511
UTC Leisure Pass See Employee Benefits
Pratt & Whitney Canada A723000

What are the age requirements for renting a car? Is there an underage surcharge?

In the United States, Avis rents to UTC employees 18 years of age or older when traveling on company business. For rentals outside of the United States, a young driver fee may apply for renters under the ago of 25.

How do I reserve a car and get the UTC benefits?

You can make reservations via telephone or online. Call the Avis toll-free number at 1-800-331-1212 to speak to a dedicated Avis representative and use your appropriate AWD# detailed above. You can also enjoy the ease of reserving a car online.

What credit cards does Avis accept for payment?

The following credit cards may be used to pay for an Avis rental: Avis Charge Card, American Express, AT&T Capital, Diner's Club International, Discover, GE Capital, JCB, MasterCard, Sears and Visa.

Can I pay for a rental with a debit card?

Most U.S. locations accept bank debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo as credit identification at the time of rental if you are at least 21 years of age. Canada locations do not accept bank debit cards as a form of credit identification. In most cases, U.S. locations will perform a credit check for debit card renters to determine credit worthiness at the time of rental. The renter must meet Avis' minimum criteria in order to rent. Please refer to your reservation confirmation for location specific policies.

Avis reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to seek a debit card authorization hold in excess of the estimated rental charges. When using a debit card at Avis, there may be a minimum hold of $200 and a maximum hold of the estimated rental charges will be placed on your account. Upon returning the vehicle, Avis will process a release of the unused portion of the hold subject to your bank's procedures. The hold may take up to 2 weeks to be released by your bank.

If you fail to return the vehicle as agreed, Avis will obtain additional authorizations from your account to cover the rental charges. Avis is not responsible for any returned checks or over-drafts based on this policy. This policy applies to both U.S. residents and foreign renters. Positive identification in addition to your driver's license may be required.

Prepaid debit/gift cards are not acceptable methods of credit identification to pick up a car at any location. One of the above mentioned cards must be presented. Prepaid debit/gift cards are accepted at time of return only.

Should I buy Avis LDW/CDW insurance coverage when I am in one of the locations that do not include Avis LDW/CDW insurance coverage in the UTC rate?

No. If you are traveling on UTC business you should decline LDW/CDW insurance coverage. UTC has separate insurance coverage for car rentals in these locations via the UTC Citibank Visa.

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Driver Safety Training

Stay safe on the road with the Avis Driver Safety Training online defensive driving course

United Technologies and Avis are proud to offer the Avis Driver Safety Training online defensive driving course to help keep you safe while on the road. The Avis Driver Safety Training program provides you with safe, defensive-driving techniques that can help prevent collisions and violations. Everyone is encouraged to take this 30-minute online defensive training course.

To take the course, visit the avis.com/driversafety site and you will be on your way to safer driving.

After completing the online course, you'll receive a certificate of completion as well as a coupon for $25 off a weekly rental, which can be used for personal rentals.

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UTC Location Specific Information

Avis offers UTC special rates and programs at the locations used most often. Review the location specific information below for programs in your area.

Onsite Avis Cars:

The UTC Campus has five Avis rental onsite locations. An Avis Preferred account is required to rent from these locations. Please see the Preferred Enrollment section of this site to enroll. Refer to the location and location code when reserving your car. Keys for these cars can be picked up at the kiosk location.

GPS/Navigation Units are not available with Kiosk rentals.

Avis Campus Location Address Location Code Kiosk Location
Otis / Leadership Center 5 Farm Springs Rd, Farmington UT4 Across the street at 4 Farm Springs Rd
UTRC 411 Silver Ln, East Hartford UT3 In the 2R Lobby
Pratt & Whitney¹ 113 Wells St, North Berwick¹ K2M¹ Security Guard Entrance¹
Carrier¹ 6304 Thompson, East Syracuse¹ C9Y¹ TR-9 Security¹
$20.00 Delivery Fee will apply

¹Location not included in Special One-Way Program

Special One-Way Program

Avis offers a special one-way rate of $30 which applies to vehicles rented from and returned to the below locations. These rates include unlimited mileage and must be picked up and returned within a 10 hour period. After 10 hours, the normal daily rate will apply.

Hartford CT Area ↔ JFK, LGA, EWR
Hartford CT Area ↔ BOS
Hartford CT Area ↔ Hartford CT Area

Hartford CT Area locations include:
Bradley Airport (BDL)
West Hartford (HT3)
Signature Flight, East Granby CT (G2C)
Newington, CT (NE7)
Manchester, CT (M4H)
The CT Kiosks listed above (UT3, UT4)

One-Way, Two Options:

Avis offers two choices when making a one-way reservation.

  • Fixed Rate ($89) with Unlimited Mileage: This $89 rate is most efficient if you anticipate driving more than 235 miles.  Currently, this rate cannot be booked in the UTC online booking tool; you must reserve with a UTC corporate agent.  Refer to rate code B920513 when making your reservation.
  • Daily Rate + $0.23 per mile: For trips less than 235 miles, it is most economical to choose this rate, as your total will be less than the fixed rate of $89.
  • Note: One way rentals within Florida and from Rockford, IL to ORD will not incur a way one charge.

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