Avis is proud to support charitable initiatives in the communities we serve. If the non-profit organization you represent is interested in donated vehicle rental days or a contribution directly from Avis, please click here and fill out the following donation request form. This electronic process is intended to provide Avis with the key information we need to make a decision, ultimately saving time for Avis as well as the requestor.

Before taking the time to submit a request, please read through the following:
  • Unfortunately, Avis does not have the resources to support all the worthwhile requests we receive. As a result, unsolicited requests (particularly cash requests) are unlikely to be funded.
  • Avis gives preferential consideration to national organizations that focus on:

    • minority education and economic development
    • cancer research or support for seriously ill patients
    • passenger safety and related safety initiatives
    • transportation as a component of social services
  • Avis gives preferential consideration to local groups in cities with significant Avis operations.
  • Avis requires at least three weeks advance notice for donated vehicle rentals and at least 60 days advance notice for cash donations.