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Do you want to know about what bus to get on or if Avis Preferred is available for you at the time of rental? Providing up-to-date information is just another way Avis tries harder! Find more details for this rental location to avoid the hassle of figuring it out when you get there.

Optional Coverages

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is optional
Customer is liable for the full amount of the Avis vehicle if Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is not taken. If CDW is purchased, the renter's liability is reduced to UKL 1000.00 for car group excepct groups K, M, N 1500.00 UKL.

Super CDW (SCDW) (taxable) - Optional at 9.58 UKL for groups A, B, 12.50 UKL C, E, G, I, P and 15.00 UKL for all other cars.

Reduces the Non-Waivable Excess (NWE) to zero for all car groups.

Windscreen Protection Product (WPP) is optional at 2.08 UKL per day, maximum 10 day charge.
Purchase reduces the renter's liability to zero.

Theft Protection (TP) is optional
Customer is liable for the full amount of the Avis vehicle if Theft Protection (TP) is not taken. If TP is purchased,the renter's liability is reduced to UKL 650 for car group A and B, UKL 800.00 for car groups C, E, G, I and UKL 950.00 for car groups D, F, H, J, L, O and UKL 1500.00 for all other car groups.
Note: If you require additional insurance coverage you may purchase locally to reduce/remove the insurance excess.  Just ask at the Avis rental desk when you collect your car.

Global insurance coverages are always subject to change. Please verify at time of rental.

Age Requirements

Minimum Age = 23 - 25 + 1 years experience. Renters under 25 can only rent car groups A, B, C, E & I. Renters must be 25 to rent other car groups. For renters 23 - 25 Young Driver Surcharge:
Fee of UKL 32.50 per day ( 37.70 at premium locations)
. Maximum 10 charge. Maximum Age = none



Credit Card Policies

Avis United Kingdom accepts Avis Charge Cards, American Express, Air Travel / UATP, Diners Club / Amoco Torch, MasterCard / Access / Eurocard, Visa.

Debit Card Policies

All debit cards are not accepted.

Driver's License Requirements

International Driving Permit is required unless driver has a license issued within the EU. US, Canadian, Australian & New Zealand licenses are accepted (International driving permit not required for renters with a US, Canadian, Australian or New Zealand license). 

Indian Driving licenses are only valid in India regardless of the language they are written in. All licenses from India should be supported with an international driving permit (IDP) along with the local license.

Applicable to all drivers, a valid driver's license must have been held for a minimum of three years. If the date of issuance on the driver's license shows less than three years, a copy of the driving history must be presented to show the license has been held for at least three years.

Counterpart Drivers License ChangesOn June 8 2015, the paper counterpart to the UK driver¿s licence is being abolished. From then, Avis Budget Group will not require customers to present this when collecting their rental vehicle. This change is taking place during one of our busiest seasons, so to make sure our customers do not face any disruption, anyone collecting their vehicle from one of our UK stores will only need to bring their photocard licence.

U.K. residents must provide a U.K. driver's license; an international driver's license is not acceptable.
Long-Term Requirements
It is a legal requirement for any non-U.K. citizen to obtain a U.K. driver's license if they will be driving in the U.K. for a period exceeding 3 months; after this period, an international driver's license is not acceptable.
New U.K. License
Customers holding the new U.K. license must show the two-part license. If only the photo ID portion is shown, the customer must
pay UKL 5 to cover the cost of contacting the DVLA to ensure that the customer is entitled to drive.
  • An International Driving Permit (IDP) serves only as a translation of a driver's existing license, and by itself is not acceptable for vehicle rental.
  • Additional Fees

    Late Return Fee: 10.00 UKL


    Travel Into Other Countries

    Avis cars are permitted outside of borders with restrictions. 
    One-way rentals are allowed.

    For detailed information on restrictions and confirmation, please contact the Avis reservations office.

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