GPS Navigation Terms & Conditions
  • Taxes not included.
  • Available at participating locations Minimum age is 25 but may vary by location, underage surcharges may apply at certain locations
  • Reliability of directions subject to timing of software implementation as well as that of which has been provided by the maker of the installed maps.
  • I (renter) acknowledge that the rental vehicle may be equipped with where2 which utilizes the global positioning system.
  • I acknowledge that where2 may be limited by atmospheric or topographical conditions.
  • I further acknowledge that where2 may be rendered inoperative if where2 is tampered with or destroyed and or damaged in an accident or if the satellite systems are obstructed and inoperative.
  • Customer is responsible for all costs in the event of lost, stolen or damaged where2 Unit and all of its components.
  • Renter agrees to release and hold Avis harmless for any where2 failures.