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Molde Aaroe Airport

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  Moere OG Romsdal Bilutleie AS
Flyplassvegen 8
Molde, N-6421 , NO
  (47) 71-212919
  Sun 2:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Mon - Fri 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Sat 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Do you want to know about what bus to get on or if Avis Preferred is available for you at the time of rental? Providing up-to-date information is just another way Avis tries harder! Find more details for this rental location to avoid the hassle of figuring it out when you get there.

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Age Requirements

At this location the minimum age is 19 for all car groups, except for the following: minimum age is 25 for car groups D (Internediate), I (Premium Wagon), J (Sport Utility), L (Luxury Van), K (9 Seat Van), M (Small Van), Group O (Big Van), Group P (Truck).  A Young Driver fee will apply to drivers under 25.  The Young Driver fee is 100.00 NOK per day per driver, with a maximum 1000.00 NOK per rental per driver. 

Optional Coverages

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is mandatory for renters ages 19-25.  CDW is optional for renters over the age of 25

The renter will be liable for an amount ranging from NOK 180,000 to NOK 540,000, depending on the car group rented, if Collison Damage Waiver is not purchased.  If CDW is taken, the renter's liability will be reduced to an amount ranging from NOK 8,000 to NOK 20,000, depending on the car group rented.

Theft Protection (TP) is mandatory for renters ages 19-25.  TP is optional for renters over the age of 25

Purchase of TP covers personal belongings while they are locked in the luggage compartment of the Avis vehicle during the rental.  Single article compensation is limited to NOK 2,000 per article, with a total compensation of NOK 10,000 per burglary.

Global insurance coverages are always subject to change. Please verify at time of rental.

Note: If you require additional insurance coverage you may purchase locally to reduce/remove the insurance excess.  Just ask at the Avis rental desk when you collect your car.

Credit Card Policies

Avis accepts the Avis Charge Card, American Express, Diner's Club, Eurocard, MasterCard and Visa.

Debit Card Policies

Debit cards are not accepted.

Driver's License Requirements

Valid driver's license from country of residence is required.  International driving license is required only for countries with non-Roman alphabet.  International driving license is a translation only.

Additional Fees

No Show/Cancellation: If you fail to rent and do not cancel your passenger car reservation there will be a fee of  NOK 750.
You must cancel your van reservation at least 7 days prior to the rental to avoid a fee of 50% of estimated rental charges. If you fail to cancel your van reservation we will charge the entire amount of estimated rental charges.

Outside Office Hours: A fee will apply for rentals outside office hours or when the location is closed. 
Airport locations require flight number and arrival time.

  •   Up to midnight and after 6:00am: 320.00 NOK plus tax.
    • Sundays: 480.00 NOK plus tax.
    • Holidays: 750.00 NOK plus tax.
  • Between Midnight and 6:00 a.m. fee: 640.00 NOK plus tax.
    • Sundays: 800.00 NOK plus tax.
    • Holidays: 920.00 NOK plus tax. 
Additional Information

Drivers License:
A valid driving license from the renter's country of residence must be presented in person at the time of rental
This license must have been held for at least one year prior to the rental pick-up date.
local driving license must also be obtained at the time of vehicle pick up by drivers renting groups L and P (passenger van and truck).
Customer must contact the counter directly for the special requirements and reservations involving rental of groups L and P (passenger vans and truck).
Drivers should be prepared to pay for any required additional documentation at the time of issue.
All forms of documentation must be issued to the same person, in the same name, and presented together at the time of rental. 

Estimated Totals

Approximate total includes base rate, taxes, and surcharges. Items such as coupon discounts, child safety seats, winterization fee from 01Nov - 30Apr and gas are NOT included in the estimated total. Optional coverages and one-way fees are subject to tax in certain locations. This tax is not reflected in the Estimated Total.

Estimated total is subject to change based upon exchange rates at the time of rental.

Non Cancellation Fee

When renting in Europe, Africa, Middle East or Asia if you do not cancel your booking before the reservation date and time shown on your booking and ail to pick up your vehicle within 24 hours from that time, a non-cancellation fee will apply. Depending on your country of rental, this will be 40.00 Pounds, 50.00 Euro, 70 CHF or the equivalent amount in your local currency. This will be inclusive of VAT where applicable.

Travel Into Other Countries

Avis cars are permitted outside of Norway borders. Please contact the reservation office for details and confirmation.

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